Training Programmes

Our training courses are especially designed for the general practice environment and are based on the latest academic research but, more importantly, on extensive practical hands-on experience. We deliver to large groups such as CCG, Federations, Groups of Practices, or to small groups in the practice. Our training modules utilise creative teaching techniques and challenge delegates to think differently about their jobs. We aim to equip attendees with a wide range of tools and skills to use in their days tasks which ultimately make a difference to patient satisfaction and to staff motivation.

We are flexible in our approach and can even deliver some of our suitable sessions remotely to support your practice needs. We can also deliver in person where this is practical and possible. If you have a particular training need but can’t see it in our brochures please contact us as we have many supplementary topics ready for delivery. As members of the Kindness ® Foundation we aim to support the NHS is our costings and you will find us open, transparent and amenable in our quotation for your training.

One of our most popular training programmes currently is Care Navigation for staff at the front of the practice. Patient demand is high and capacity has to be rationalised, this training aims to assist GP practices to communicate well with patients, determine their needs and direct them to the most appropriate professional for that need. If you are interested in this topic please email us at and we will be happy to share our programme of training with you and we can include specific practice protocols where appropriate.



We also offer a half day training session for GP staff  on Zero Tolerance to violence or aggression. This is a very popular training session – we wish it wasn’t necessary but unfortunately it is!  This session covers an examination of what ‘zero tolerance’ means in practice, observational skills, communication techniques, de-escalation skills and how we can remain patient centred and empathetic whilst keeping ourselves safe. Please contact us at and we will be happy to will be happy to share our agendas on this topic based on your particular needs.


“Thank you so very much for presenting the most eye opening training I have ever attended yesterday!  To be honest when I read the agenda I almost didn’t sign up because I felt that I knew my practice management style etc.
However, what your training showed me was that in the 14 years in my current post I have completely turned from one style of manager to another style theory manager and where I don’t want to go back completely I need to review this.
Your attachment is now firmly stuck up on my notice board right in front of my nose – and I plan to change!!”

PRACTICE  MANAGER Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre

“The feedback from my staff is that the training was very good as always. Difficult subject delivered with great knowledge, learning styles and sound theory. Even the most ‘reluctant’ person came away saying that this made her think really deeply about how she communicates with patients. What a result!!”

Practice Manager, ELSTREE, LONDON

“Thanks again for this delightful training which everyone has given excellent feedback !! The tutor was excellent.”

Practice Manager, Saville Medical Group, Newcastle Upon Tyne


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