Who Are We?

Prima Linea Training offers award-winning services which are academically founded and tested to the highest standards but also complemented by many years experience and expertise.

We are flexible in our approach and work in partnership with our customers to ensure the best services for their needs.

Prima Linea Training believes in kindness and we are members of the Kindness Foundation. This means that we will be honest, reliable and we will aim to practice kindness in terms of our costings, how we communicate with our customers and in what we deliver for and to you.

Prima Linea Training Associates is led by Dr Val McGarrell who is a well-known health services trainer and therapist who also just happens to be a card carrying EQUITY member and experienced medical role player. We are based in Northern Ireland and regularly deliver services all over the UK. We build our business on reputation, recommendation, value and quality.

Dr Val McGarrell


Prima Linea Training Associates
21 Orken Lane
BT67 0DE


(028) 9265 1785