Stress Management for Busy Practice Staff

An exciting and creative half day workshop looking at ways to help us to deal with stress on a personal level. What causes stress? How it affects us? How it can affect our work. The workshop looks to develop personal strategies to cope with having to deliver more and more for everyone else when sometimes it feels like nobody really considers us in all this. This sensitive, caring, innovating and insightful workshop will leave you buzzing and motivated, more able to recognise when stress is happening, how to stop it in its tracks and help with the worry cycle. This workshop can be delivered to the whole team or to groups of staff in the practice. A chance to re-charge and energise your “batteries”.

Our brochure gives a flavour of our most popular courses but if there is something in particular you would like, and you don’t see it listed, please let us know as we have many ready-developed specialised courses available also.



“Thank you so very much for presenting the most eye opening training I have ever attended yesterday!  To be honest when I read the agenda I almost didn’t sign up because I felt that I knew my practice management style etc.
However, what your training showed me was that in the 14 years in my current post I have completely turned from one style of manager to another style theory manager and where I don’t want to go back completely I need to review this.
Your attachment is now firmly stuck up on my notice board right in front of my nose – and I plan to change!!”

PRACTICE  MANAGER Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre

“The feedback from my staff is that the training was very good as always. Difficult subject delivered with great knowledge, learning styles and sound theory. Even the most ‘reluctant’ person came away saying that this made her think really deeply about how she communicates with patients. What a result!!”

Practice Manager, ELSTREE, LONDON

“Thanks again for this delightful training which everyone has given excellent feedback !! The tutor was excellent.”

Practice Manager, Saville Medical Group, Newcastle Upon Tyne


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