GP Receptionist Sign Posting Skills

Demand for access to the GP far outweighs the capacity to deliver and the receptionist is first in line dealing with this gap in provision. Does every patient really need to see a GP? What happens when the patient says ‘I’m not discussing this with you, you’re just the receptionist!” The receptionist is not equipped to make a diagnosis – that’s the nursing and clinical staff skill-set – but they are well placed to gather information and make appropriate signposting choices available to patients – but this takes training and skill development. Our signposting skills training course examines the techniques necessary to establish rapport with the patient even when time is short. What are the golden rules for telephone call handling, even when dealing with a high volume. What’s ‘two-handed solution finding” and how can we deal well with patients even when we haven’t an appointment available? We can include specific practice signposting policies and local choices (for in-practice training sessions discussed with you in advance) and address specific signposting problems in this training.

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