Practice Manager Training Courses

Practice Management is a very demanding, and sometimes lonely, position in the practice – caught between the partners and the staff. Our training recognizes this unique position and the myriad of skills required to fulfill this multi-faceted job. Our practice manager training is commissioned by some of the leading academic colleges in addition to GP federations, CCGs and PM groupings across the UK. We offer practical training in the fundamentals of people management, honing your management style and leadership skills to the intricate skills necessary to diffuse conflict and mediate between staff. We have courses to support self motivation of and how to motivate staff. We will offer you an alternative viewpoint of appraisal, can you address attitude through creative KPIs and appraisal? (the answer is ‘yes you can”). Change is the one constant in general practice – no sooner have we established our new system/process/policy than it all changes again. How on earth can we support staff through so many dynamic changes, how can I manage staff when I can barely keep up myself? We offer a very insightful and knowledgeable training session about managing change, helping staff in the transitional stages and developing your own hybrid model of change management to suit your situation.

Our brochure gives a flavour of our most popular courses but if there is something in particular you would like, and you don’t see it listed, please let us know as we have many ready-developed specialised courses available also.



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