GP Staff Training

We have many training courses suitable for all staff in the practice such as the importance of team membership and how everyone contributes to the whole picture of patient care. Conflict arises in every work setting and can be very disruptive if left to fester. Our trainers have specialized skills in conflict resolution and our training for staff will induce self-reflection and examination of own behaviour in the safest and non-threatening environment. It teaches methodologies for working well with everyone to support patient care. Our medical terminology course only takes a half day and has been described as ‘the best overview to medical terminology I have ever attended’ and ‘invaluable knowledge and learning for clinical coders in the practice”. Front line complaint handling is a skill in itself, how many complaints would not have progressed past this stage if they had been handled sensitively and decisively? Our training will teach staff at all levels how to communicate well with patients who have a complaint, how to listen and respond well, what to say and what is not helpful. These are only a few of the many topics we have available to increase the capacity of GP practice staff.
Our brochure gives a flavor of our most popular courses but if there is something in particular you would like, and you don’t see it listed, please let us know as we have many ready-developed specialised courses available also.



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