Zero Tolerance to Aggression and Violence in the Workplace

Unfortunately despite our best efforts sometimes communication goes wrong. The incidents of aggression and violence against healthcare staff are well documented. Our front line staff are often subjected to the most unacceptable abuse – verbally and/or physically. How good is your practice policy on dealing with violence or aggression? Do you have one? Our sensitive and specialized training is suitable for all staff but particularly aimed at our front line staff. Can you spot the potential for aggression before it happens? Do staff know what to do to de-escalate and what is helpful to say or do and what is definitely not? What exactly is ZERO tolerance and what about self-defense? In this training, we get to see a receptionist and a patient in a heightened state of aggression – what would you do in this situation? Our trainer is very specialized in this area and will give practical, and unique, tips and skills which work to calm aggressive situations and will also give practical advice and guidance in regard to what a good ZERO tolerance policy should contain.

Our brochure gives a flavour of our most popular courses but if there is something in particular you would like, and you don’t see it listed, please let us know as we have many ready-developed specialised courses available also.



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