<p>GP Training Courses</p>

GP Training Courses

GP Training Courses Many GPs attend our manager and staff training courses – communication skills and front line patient handling skills are generic across all posts within the practice. We deliver training to many GPs in their first five years...

<p>Practice Manager Training Courses</p>

Practice Manager Training Courses

Practice Manager Training Courses Practice Management is a very demanding, and sometimes lonely, position in the practice – caught between the partners and the staff. Our training recognizes this unique position and the myriad of skills required...

<p>GP Receptionist Sign Posting Skills</p>

GP Receptionist Sign Posting Skills

GP Receptionist Sign Posting Skills Demand for access to the GP far outweighs the capacity to deliver and the receptionist is first in line dealing with this gap in provision. Does every patient really need to see a GP? What happens when the...

<p>GP Staff Training</p>

GP Staff Training

GP Staff Training We have many training courses suitable for all staff in the practice such as the importance of team membership and how everyone contributes to the whole picture of patient care. Conflict arises in every work setting and can be...

<p>GP Receptionist Training</p>

GP Receptionist Training

GP Receptionist Training The Receptionist is the heart of the practice, the first member of staff to have contact with the patient and the first link in the customer care chain. Our training courses are uniquely designed for the GP reception...

<p>Role Players and Actors</p>

Role Players and Actors

Actors We have approximately 120 highly skilled trained actors available to help bring your project, programme, launch, conference to life. We have actors who range in age from 18 years to over 80 years old, all with a wealth of experience to...

<p>Who Are We?</p>

Who Are We?

Who Are We? Prima Linea Training offers award-winning services which are academically founded and tested to the highest standards but also complemented by many years experience and expertise. We are flexible in our approach and work in...

<p>Training Programmes</p>

Training Programmes

Training Programmes Our training courses are especially designed for the general practice environment and are based on the latest academic research but, more importantly, on extensive practical hands-on experience. We deliver to large groups such...

<p>Practice SWOT and development plans</p>

Practice SWOT and development plans

Practice SWOT and development plans (Full day preferred if possible) We are very experienced in facilitating and leading a review of the practice in a multi professional session to contribute to practice development plans. We can help you to...