Role Players & Actors

Role Players & Actors


We have approximately 120 highly skilled, trained actors available to help bring your project/programme/launch/conference to life. We have actors who range in age from 18 years to over 80 years all with a wealth of experience to offer. Nothing can tell the “story” of your product like a short dramatization showing your product in real life.


Our actors have experience of the simulated patient component of medical examinations. We can provide a face-to-face, telephone or group role-playing service to meet your needs. We have a range of highly skilled and trained role-players who will provide a realistic customer/patient/client experience for your organisation. Our role-players pride themselves on getting it just right and will deliver a high quality experience to the most exacting specification.

Drama Services

Prima Linea is pleased to offer a full range of drama services to meet our customer’s needs. In addition to our range of actors, we have experienced script and sketch writers available to build a story for you – no matter how long or short the dramatization is. If you need a training DVD to help train your employees or to explain the intricacies of your service – we can help you. If you would like a short sketch to kick start your conference, launch your product or simply show an audience the importance of your work – we can do that for you.

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